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Brian's been a residential real estate appraiser for 25 years. He formed the WinTOTAL Users eMail Forum in 1999 and is a beta tester for major appraisal software companies.

Brian originally created the Appraisal Scoop blog to help balance out much of the negative press that he was reading from the main stream media and real estate blogs.

Since then, he's put together a team of Guest Authors that contribute "original" articles on business managment, appraisal technology, industry news and market analysis.

Appraisal Scoop is ALWAYS looking for new authors with a passion for assisting others and interesting writing styles!

If YOU'D like to join in the fun drop me a line at the address above.

ALSO . . . Please join in the discussions on The "Water Cooler" is a Social Networking site (similar to Facebook) that provides each member their own "Page" and the ability to create "Groups" and participate in the online "Forums".