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WDYDTYMT* Installed Fog Lights on Classic Mini

* What Did You Do To Your Mini Today

We're getting a pretty good snow today so, since I'm house bound, I thought I'd take the opportunity to install the Wipac Fog Lamps   I reversed the mounting bolt so that it points UP rather than down through the mounting brackets.  By doing that, the lamp hides the nut and bolt and gives a much cleaner look.

Here's what they look like installed . . . .

Classic Mini Fog Lights

WDYDTYMT * - Installed Paddy Hopkirk Gas Pedal Extension

* What Did You Do To Your Mini Today?

Seven Enterprises says this about the Paddy Hopkirk accelerator pedal:

"Get that rally look and improve your heel-and-toe technique with a Paddy Hopkirk footprint-shaped metal pad on the gas pedal. This is the official Hopkirk model, for Mk1 and Mk2 Minis. Comes with brackets and screws for mounting over existing pedal surface." 

Here are the before and after photos of Paddy's accelerator pedal -

  Before Pedal  After Pedal