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THANKS Vintage Sports Car - Woodstock, IL!!

Paddy, the 1973 "Retro-Mod" classic Mini was in a "right pickle", as my British accented GPS would say, until he made a visit to Vintage Sports Car in Woodstock, IL in late May.   He had no compression in cylinders 2 and 3, a local shop had completely wound out the jets on the twin SU carburettors, and the suspension was badly in need of a tune-up.   Yves, Joe, and Tim took all of that in stride as they dove into the task.  

Four weeks later, Paddy is back home in Bloomington, IL and running the best he has since I brought him home from Chicago last Fall.  I always knew that he had the potential, but that he just hadn't had the sort of care and attention he needed. 

Thank goodness for automotive shops and experts like the guys at Vintage Sports Car in Woodstock, IL.   I was pleasantly surprised at the level of skill and care that each of the team members took diagnosing the problems and then finding the best solution.  Yves remained in constant contact with me by email, letting me know of each of the major developments along the way.  Digital images we're emailed so that I could easily SEE what the problems were.  

I want to publically thank Yves, Joe, and Tim for the great job that they did on Paddy!   Yves provided me with a CD of all of the images they took along the way.  In a separate post, I'll share some of those images (and stories) to demonstrate their care and ingenuity. 

THANKS Vintage Sports Car!!!




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