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How To: Adjust Classic Mini Valve Clearance / Tappets

"Saxo-Fiesta-Mini" on The Mini Forum UK has prepared an excellent How To: Adjust Valve Clearance / Tappets article. 

Here's how it starts:

This is  Short guide on how to adjust the valve clearance or as it's know by many
adjusting the tappets

Time: takes roughly 20 mins obviously may take more time if you have less experience working with push rod engines

Note: Ensure this is done from COLD


  • 1/2 inch (or can be done with 13mm) spanner    (with early pressed steel rockers its 7/16 spanner
  • 1/2 inch (again or can improvise 13mm) deep socket
  • 3/8th ratchet
  • feeler gauge / blades
  • 21 or 22 mm spanner
  • Large flat headed screw driver

Click HERE to read the complete article on The Mini Forum UK



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