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Paddy Gets New Whiskers! Classic Mini Mk 1 Trim

 Below are some before and after shots of Paddy's front end trim                                            

           IMG_1039            IMG_1570











Before Whisker Treatment


After Whiskers . . . 



Here are a couple of installation comments from the UK Mini Forum:




The moustache? From memory, it's also secured with a handful of self tapping screws along its bottom/inner edge. The final dress-up are the moustache whiskers. Those are short chrome extensions that go on the ends of the moustache. To secure those is tricky.

The whiskers are secured with clips that are supposed to get screwed to the front panel. Fitting them as the factory intended is a pain. Instead, I modified the clips by soldering a nut to them, marked and drilled through-holes in the front panel and secured the clips by inserting machine screws from the back (inside of the front panel). This allows the clips to stay with the whisker (not on the car) when removed, and it makes it much easier to install the whiskers without damaging the paint.


Next, had to work out how to install whiskers, they took about an hour to put them on, a little fiddly:

1. Take off front flares
2. work out height of whiskers
3. rivet clips to body (tip I put a washer behind the clip so that they were not so hard up against the body)
4. spray silicone spray on clips, body and whiskers
5. slide whiskers on, over the end of the grill surround




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