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Paddy's Builder - Dyrk Bolger - A Gold Sponsor of the 2014 Can-Am Mini Challenge

Announcing Classic Motor Works, our latest Gold Sponsor!  Can-Am Mini Challenge - June 26-29, 2014

Why is this of interest to ME?!   Because Paddy was built by Mini Racer Dyrk Bolger , owner of Classic Motor Works, in Winnipeg CA.  Right after I brought Paddy home in 2012, I contacted Dyrk and he confirmed that he did build Paddy for a client and that the car was later sold to an owner in California.  Dyrk said that he put in a crate 1275cc Series-A engine in at that time.  In California,Bill Gilcrease of Mincomp Racing rebuilt the existing engine into a high-performance 1380cc unit. 

Dyrk Bolger is the owner of CLASSIC MOTOR WORKS and has a long history of competitive racing, rallying, and restoring British cars. Dyrk is a three-time TARGA Newfoundland rally competitor, former ice racer, and regular front runner on the vintage racing circuits in his Austin Mini.

 In addition to being a MOSS Motors Distributor since 1986 providing parts for British sports car enthusiasts, Dyrk is also a Distributor for PYROTECT race wear and safety equipment, a dealer for HANS devices, and specializes in developing/building performance engines for race or street use. CLASSIC MOTOR WORKS is the exclusive North American supplier of AMERICAN RACER (AR) race tires. A lucky Mini racer will win a full set of AR tires at the Mini Challenge in 2014! Dyrk is also offering a special racer discount to all 2014 Mini Challenge entrants on AR tire purchases. The AMERICAN RACER race tire meets the quality and construction standard of the Hoosier 10” TDS Mini tire, and is very competitively priced.

Dyrk BolgerThe Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) has approved the AR tire for use in the 2014 Can-Am Mini Challenge Race and for the 2013 racing season.

For more information please visit the CMW website or contact Dyrk directly at 204-334-2415 Central   Video:



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