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Solido 1:16 Scale 1964 Cooper S Monte Carlo rally car, #177

Look what came in the mail yesterday from eBay!

It's a beautiful interpretation of a 1964 Cooper S as a Monte Carlo rally car, #177. "Dirtied up" to look like it just came in off the muddy roads for a quick stop.  Solido, as most collectors know, is all about realism -- no cute tricks here like jeweled headlights. They applied considerable care to make this Mini look right given its purpose. It really stands out on the shelf.

  177 -1

Right-hand drive. Passenger doors open; engine bay or trunk do not open. :-(  Steering wheel
turns front wheels.  On top there's a spare tire carrier with 2 fresh sets ready to go. On the inside the driver's seat is Recarro (or Recarro-type; there's no identification) but the passenger/ navigator seat is the stock passenger type, a little more comfortable for the rider I suppose. This Rallye model is complete with Monte Carlo decals.

177 -6It's a beauty ... if such a thing could be said of a muddied up Mini!

Brand: Solido

Model: Cooper S Rallye

Scale: 1:16

Country of Manufacture: France

Vehicle Make: Mini Cooper