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Mini In The Movies (TV Series) Database

Just when you think you've seen it ALL, you come across a Web site that makes you say . . . "What a GREAT idea!"   I'm talking about The Internet Movie Cars Database.

There you'll find one of the most complete list on the web about cars, bikes, trucks and other vehicles seen in movies (and on TV), image captures and information about them.

The IMCDB allows you to search for a movie by typing a part of its title in the search box in the top right corner of the page, or select a make of automobile from a dropdown box. 

Of course I wanted to check out how Mini's were indexed.  Click here for my results.  Here's just one example of what you'll find: 

  Movie TV image w Mini
Click here for a video clip of this scene from Tommy Boy (1995) - Chris Farley & David Spade are trying to sell brake pads using the auto executive's collectible cars . . .
including a classic Mini.

 Source: Memorable Quotes

Tommy: Uh, what my associate is trying say is... Our new brake pads are really cool. You're not even gonna believe it. Like, let's say you're driving along the road with your family.

[Picks up model car]

Tommy: You're drivin' along, la-de-da, woo. All of a sudden there's a truck tire in the middle of the
road. And you hit the brakes. EEEEEEEEE! Whoa, that was close. Ha-ha. Now let's see what happens when you're driving with the "other guy's" brake pads.  You're drivin' along, you're drivin' along, the kids start shouting from the back seat, "I gotta go to the bathroom, Daddy!" "Not now, damn it!" Truck tire. EEEEEEEE! I CAN'T STOP!

[Slams model car into lighter]

Tommy: There's a cliff! AAAAAHH! And your family's screaming,

[sets car on fire]

Tommy: "Oh my God, we're burning alive!" "No! I can't feel my legs!" Here comes the meat wagon.

[Imitates siren]

Tommy: And the medic gets out and says, "Oh my God". New guy's around the corner puking
his guts out.

[Imitates retching]

Tommy: All because you want to save a couple extra pennies. And to me, it doesn't...

Executive with Toy Cars: Get out. Now!

Tommy: [Richard tries blowing out flaming car] Do you validate?

Executive with Toy Cars: No!

Small Car Big City

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Becoming a "Manual" - MINI Video

Are you craving more motoring exhilaration? Don't worry - you're becoming a manual. Watch this video to better understand this awkward, but ultimately awesome phase of life, and how MINI can help you enter Manualhood.

Styled after 1950s-era public service announcements that taught students  about puberty, nutrition, and the threat of nuclear war, the new “Becoming a  Manual” video explains why all drivers should opt for cars with a manual  transmission. In addition to pointing out benefits like enhanced fuel economy, a  more exciting driving experience, and a lower base price, the video teaches us  that driving stick is a part of growing up.

“As we approach manualhood, our bodies and minds start to change,” explains  the cheery gym teacher. “Manualhood is when your body is craving more  exhilaration than an automatic can provide.”

If you’re not sure how to get started operating a car with a manual  transmission, Mini has helpfully provided a PDF called “Becoming a Manual.” And for even  more reasons why you should learn to drive a manual, Mini has compiled an infographic of statistics gleaned from an online survey.  Among the findings: people who can’t drive a stick-shift are 25 percent more  likely to play the Facebook game FarmVille.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the video below and get ready to embrace  your manualhood.

Source: YouTube & MotorTrend

Footman James Classic Motor Show - The Italian Job Minis, Brummie Style!

Cars re-enact Michael Caine crime caper The Italian Job on the streets of Birmingham to launch event. 

They were the iconic stars of the classic British movie, The Italian Job.

Now three Mini Coopers have recreated scenes from the famous Michael Caine film by hurtling down the steps at Victoria Square in Birmingham